Signs Of 4 Types Of Car Problems

When you're having a problem with your car, you want to know what the issue is. What kind of car repair do you need? Here are four types of car problems, as well as their signs: 1. Engine Repair Signs Your engine keeps your car going. If your engine is due for a repair soon, you may notice some of these distinctive signs: Check engine light comes on Popping, grinding, scraping, or clicking sounds coming from the engine Car lurches or surges when you accelerate from a stop Car stalls Smell of gas, exhaust, or another bad smell inside the car Increased visits to the gas station 2.

From Cylons To Knight Rider: How Custom Auto Grilles Can Transform Your Vehicle Into An 80's Icon

If you have ever watched some original episodes of popular TV series like Battlestar Galactica or Knight Rider and you were impressed by the flashy chrome and sideways-moving LED lights, then maybe you would enjoy these effects on your car. You can add these effects to your car's grille (that front end part of your car just above the bumper and just below the hood). Here is how custom auto grilles can take your car from ordinary to an '80's TV-inspired icon.

Getting Your Truck Ready For A Road-Trip This Summer

If you have a road-trip planned, make sure you get your truck ready for the journey ahead. The last thing any traveler wants is mechanical issues or repairs on the road, so be sure to have your mechanic give your truck a good once-over before making long-distance trips. Some things to do before hitting the road include: Invest in a truck-cap. A cap is an investment that pays for itself many times over; it provides protection for anything you put in the bed of your truck, as well as security so your belongings won't be stolen.

7 Things You'Ll Need To Do If Your City Uses Magnesium Chloride

Many cities in snowy parts of the country are switching from sodium chloride (rock salt) to brine, a solution that contains magnesium chloride. The brine solution is cheaper, easier to apply and is gentler to paved surfaces. In these cities – where the freeze-thaw cycle creates potholes by shrinking and expanding the pavement – sodium chloride exacerbates the road damage by further eroding the holes in the road. Magnesium chloride doesn't really affect the fissures in the road's surface and there is less waste when it's applied, making it more economical.