3 Reasons To Install A Car Remote Starter

Car remote starters are a great addition to pretty much any vehicle due to the various ways in which they can make your day a lot easier in the winter. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider installing a car remote starter. There Are A Lot Of Options One of the best parts about installing a car remote starter on your vehicle is the fact that there are a lot of options available.

Truck Tarping: Multiple Options to Help Speed Up the Process & Get on the Road

When running a truck business, time is money. Spending extra time on a specific load can cause you to lose money on future loads and to cut multiple trips short. This is why many truckers are looking for short cuts or easy ways to get trucks packed and prepared for long trips. One way to do this is with a rolling tarp system. A company can help install a tarp system with a number of features that will decrease costs and make long trips a lot easier to plan for.

Remove Mildew Stains And Hardened Tree Sap From An Aluminum Trailer's Exterior

If mildew and tree sap have caused black streaks and hardened residue to appear on the sides and back of the aluminum trailer that you use to store landscaping materials that you tow behind your truck, clean the trailer's exterior with the following steps. Once the exterior has been restored to its original condition, protect it from additional staining in the future. Materials water hose bucket of warm water mixed with detergent mixing stick stiff-bristled scrub brush with extension handle bleach sponge putty knife utility knife mineral spirits soft cloths Remove The Mildew Stains

A Checklist For The Tools You Will Need For DIY Transmission/Clutch Work

If you are living on a budget, you are probably trying to save all the money you can. When your vehicle needs transmission/clutch repairs, you might decide it is cheaper for you to make your own repairs than paying a mechanic to do so for you. Learn more about the kinds of tools you will need for successfully repairing your car's transmission and clutch in your garage at home. A Short Transmission Jack Is Important

Signs Of 4 Types Of Car Problems

When you're having a problem with your car, you want to know what the issue is. What kind of car repair do you need? Here are four types of car problems, as well as their signs: 1. Engine Repair Signs Your engine keeps your car going. If your engine is due for a repair soon, you may notice some of these distinctive signs: Check engine light comes on Popping, grinding, scraping, or clicking sounds coming from the engine Car lurches or surges when you accelerate from a stop Car stalls Smell of gas, exhaust, or another bad smell inside the car Increased visits to the gas station 2.