Truck Tarping: Multiple Options to Help Speed Up the Process & Get on the Road

When running a truck business, time is money. Spending extra time on a specific load can cause you to lose money on future loads and to cut multiple trips short. This is why many truckers are looking for short cuts or easy ways to get trucks packed and prepared for long trips. One way to do this is with a rolling tarp system.

A company can help install a tarp system with a number of features that will decrease costs and make long trips a lot easier to plan for. Learning about the various systems and ways they work can make a huge difference in your ability to cut out several minutes of preparation time.

Custom Fit Systems

Not every truck is the same. Trying to fit a tarp system on your truck can be a hassle if does not adjust to the proper size. An improperly sized tarp may not have enough length or width to easily fit over your trailer. This is where a custom fit system can come in. A custom fit system will have the proper size to easily slide of your truck trailer.

By getting it properly sized, you have the ability to cut down time and easily get the tarp on every time. The tarp will fit securely and you can feel confident that your whole trailer remains protected while you're on the road.

Automated Rolling Tarp Systems

There are a number of tarp systems that need to be manually lifted and locked into place on a trailer. This process forces you to climb up, extend the tarp, and then follow multiple steps to lock it into place. While this is a common option, you can also eliminate a lot of these steps with automated rolling tarp systems. These systems have large bars that can extend the tarp over the whole trailer in a matter of seconds. It eliminates the probability of human error and can really help cut down on the time that it takes to set up your tarp system.

The automated rolling system can be fitted to the exterior of your trailer. It will typically operate using a battery box that can be equipped to the truck itself and get charged while you are out on the road. This allows you to use the automated features every time without worrying.

Key Fob Controls

When using any type of tarp system, it's important to examine the truck from multiple sides and ensure that everything is going smoothly. If you're stuck at operating controls, it can be a huge waste time to stop the process, walk around the truck, and then return to the controls again.

Many tarp systems have eliminated this problem with the introduction of key fob controls. Key fobs are a wireless device that can be attached to a standard key chain. It has numerous control elements on it, allowing you to walk around the whole truck as the process takes place. Extra time will be cut off and you can hit the road a lot faster.

Maintenance-Free Wheels & Bearings

The key to getting a tarp on smoothly is having proper wheels and bearings that roll over the tarp frame. When purchasing an automatic tarp system, you can also have accessories like maintenance-free wheels and bearings. These parts will ensure that a tarp rolls on smoothly without getting jammed up and creating delays. Many tarp companies will also offer a warranty against the wheels and bearings if any problems do occur. This allows you to get quick replacements so that your tarp system is fully operational again.

Contact a tarp company like Glider Systems Inc to find out more information on the tarp systems that you can have installed on your trailer.