A Checklist For The Tools You Will Need For DIY Transmission/Clutch Work

If you are living on a budget, you are probably trying to save all the money you can. When your vehicle needs transmission/clutch repairs, you might decide it is cheaper for you to make your own repairs than paying a mechanic to do so for you. Learn more about the kinds of tools you will need for successfully repairing your car's transmission and clutch in your garage at home.

A Short Transmission Jack Is Important

When you are in your garage at home, you are not usually able to lift your car like mechanics do in their shops. For this reason, making sure you have a short jack ready to go is important. If you do not have a short transmission jack, you can rent one at most auto parts stores. Keep in mind that pulling a transmission out on your own is impossible with a short transmission jack, so getting one or making arrangements to get ahead of time is a good idea.

A Flywheel Wrench Is A Necessity

Trying to take off a torque converter or clutch assembly during the removal of your transmission is tough without a flywheel wrench. You should also collect a set of several other wrenches for having the ones you need for fitting various sizes of bolts during your project. Putting a tool box together with an assortment of wrenches in it is best. Add the following specialized tools to your box for working on specific parts of your clutch and transmission:

  • Remember to also include a clutch dowel pin puller if you have a manual transmission and plan to put in a new clutch plate.
  • A spline adjustment tool is necessary for putting in a new clutch. Without a spline adjustment tool, you will be unable to line the splines in the clutch with those inside the input shaft.

Computer Diagnostics May Be Necessary For New Car Models

Many automatic transmissions on some newer cars are controlled by a computer. To figure out exactly what is wrong with a computer controlled transmission, you will need a computer diagnostics tool. You can also rent a computer diagnostics tool, also called a code scanner, at most auto parts stores. Some auto parts employees can run the diagnostics for you, helping to pinpoint the exact trouble with your transmission.

Before you start working on your transmission, taking the time to have all the tools and other supplies you will need is smart. The last thing you want is to have your car's transmission almost out when you realize you need a certain tool for finishing the job. Discuss with a mechanic about any tools you think might need for completing a transmission job on your own.

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