Unlocking The Performance In Your Diesel Truck

Driving a diesel-powered pickup has a lot of advantages, and if you use the truck for towing or hauling, the power and torque that can come from these beasts are incredible. It makes it hard to believe that most of these trucks have the potential for more power, but emissions and other restrictions keep these trucks at a limited power output, but there are some ways to get more from your truck and do it legally.

How Much Power Do You Have?

The first step in adding performance to your diesel truck is to figure out what you already have. While most manufacturers post detailed information about the horsepower and torque that the engine in these trucks produces, the numbers are generic and not the same for every truck. The only true way to get a handle on your trucks starting point is to put the truck on the dynamometer. The dyno, as it is commonly called, will measure the brake horsepower at the rear wheels and tell you exactly what you are producing for power in your truck. Once you have a baseline number, you can add or change parts and make adjustments and then see how the changes compare to the baseline.

Chips And Computer Tweaks

Using electronic accessories similar to the Cummins 6.7 autocal is one of the fastest ways to increase the power of your truck. Putting a performance chip or CPU into the engine computer can change the way the computer adjusts the engine when it is running. Some chips change the ignition curve, some the fuel mapping, and some change both as well as other little tweaks. The downside to changing the chip is that the truck may not pass an emissions test after. Because the regulations change from state to state, you might be fine with a performance chip in the truck, but check before you spend the time and money on it.

Exhaust And Turbos

Another area that is often changed or modified is the exhaust system. On a diesel truck, a large, free-flowing exhaust will help to add some power to the truck as well. And while you are at it, why not change the stock turbo to one that is bigger or maybe has a different boost profile? The added boost from a turbo change alone can add more horsepower, but because of the way a turbo works, it might not be as instant as the performance chip or the changes to the stock computer. When used in combination, though, the performance lurking inside your large displacement diesel engine can be unleashed legally and efficiently. If you are not sure where to start, a diesel performance shop can help you understand the options and make the right choices for your truck.  ​