From Cylons To Knight Rider: How Custom Auto Grilles Can Transform Your Vehicle Into An 80's Icon

If you have ever watched some original episodes of popular TV series like Battlestar Galactica or Knight Rider and you were impressed by the flashy chrome and sideways-moving LED lights, then maybe you would enjoy these effects on your car. You can add these effects to your car's grille (that front end part of your car just above the bumper and just below the hood). Here is how custom auto grilles can take your car from ordinary to an '80's TV-inspired icon.

Taking Your Cue from the Cylons on Battlestar Galactica

The original Cylons were very shiny, chrome-plated, heavy and almost car-like with their highly-polished metal facades. The one roving red laser eye in the heads of these robots was constantly in motion on a horizontal plane, a very hypnotic effect if you watched the show enough. If you like this look, you can request a car grille manufacturer to make a custom grille that combines an LED grille panel with a highly polished, silver chrome-plated tubular grille. This would produce something that looks just like the laser eye visor on the head of a Cylon and announce to all on the street your allegiance to the Imperial Fleet.

Reinventing Kit from Knight Rider

Who would not want a car that talks and problem-solves? Even though higher-end cars now have AI technology in them, it is not quite as "advanced" as that of Kit, the talking car from Knight Rider. However, you can trick out your car's grille, and when you activate the voice command central in your dash, you can almost imagine you are actually driving in a car just like that. An LED light up panel attached to an auto grille and wired into your vehicle can give you the same horizontal light-up line that blinks and/or travels to and fro. 

Stealing the A-Team's Van

B.A. Baracus did not like anyone touching or stealing his van, but that does not mean you cannot reproduce a copy on your own. Even if your van is not the same make and model as the one featured in the show, all you really need are a black van with sliding side doors, a black-painted "cow catcher" grille accessory, a vehicle manufacturer emblem made by a grille accessory manufacturer, and a double-wide/double-high, black-painted tubular grille. With a little extra paint, your van could look like a decoy for the A-team's, no problem.

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